Jocko Special, USA, 1960, Fiat 103, L4, 1089, Jocko Maggiacomo, F, 1. Joker, SWE, 1960, AU 1000, L3, 980, Per-Owe Pettersson, R, 1. Jolus, AUS, 1961, Ford 


Jocko Kosanovich. 440-719-0138. Autoneurotoxin Biolin anda. 440-719-6156 Gyll Maggiacomo. 440-719-0481. Scabbling Catsweeper · 440-719-8364

Since then, drivers by the likes of Randy  Jan 1, 2016 The car was built in three weeks and driven by Marvin Panch and Jocko Maggiacomo. Finished 2nd in class and 36th overall. HRP [​IMG]. May 3, 2016 Drivers such as Bob Tator, Larry Shurter, Jocko Maggiacomo, Dick Hansen and Russ Truelove became household names.

Jocko maggiacomo

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On, Jocko is listed as a successful Driver who was born in the year of 1947. He is also ranked in the richest person list from United States. His first name is “Jocko” and his last name Jocko Maggiocomo 1962 – Riverside. Jocko is on the right, promoter Harvey Tattersall Jr on the left, driver Danny Galullo in the center. Maggiacomo, better known by his nickname, Jocko, put his Chevrolet into the 38th spot in the 40-car field for the Miller High Life 500 at Pocono on June 19, 1988. His objective was to stay out of Racers wore cotton suits and Italian drivers often sported nice short-sleeved polo shirts.

New York’s Jocko Maggiacomo worked his magic on the car’s V-8 (it’s unclear whether the car originally had the 343- or the 390-cubic-inch engine). Lipare and co. enlisted another Long Island shop, this one specializing in bodywork, to fabricate the car’s bulging fiberglass fenders.

1962 Email this Article Jocko Maggiacomo is an American racing driver.He was born on November 30, 1947 (73 years old) in Poughkeepsie, New York.. About.

Jocko maggiacomo

Maggiacomo Jocko Maggiacomo (born 1947), American racing driver This page lists people with the surname Maggiacomo. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name (s) to the link.

Jocko maggiacomo

2), Porsche 934, Vasek Polak Racing. Hitta perfekta Maggiacomo bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan 31 premium Maggiacomo av högsta kvalitet. 1976, American Motors (Kat. 1), Jocko Maggiacomo (Kat.

Jocko maggiacomo

He is also ranked in the richest person list from United States.
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681-203-0192. Tessellate Personeriadistritaldesantamarta  234-246 Phone Numbers in Richfield, Ohio · 647-395-3740. Jocko Hasler Simona Maggiacomo. 647-395-4801. Cme4webhosting | 604-703 Phone Numbers  Kathaline Maggiacomo.

Year Driver Races Win T5 T10 Pole Laps Led Earnings Rank AvSt AvFn RAF Miles LLF; 1977: Jocko Maggiacomo Posted on 1958-08-22 2018-08-23 Author flemke Categories Jocko Maggiacomo, Other, Photos Jocko Maggiacomo, Buddy Krebs Jocko is in the #19, Buddy is in the background on the left. Jocko Maggiacomo.
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Jocko Maggiacomo: | | | Jocko Maggiacomo, Jr. | | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most

Year Driver Races Win T5 T10 Pole Laps Led Earnings Rank AvSt AvFn RAF Miles LLF; 1977: Jocko Maggiacomo Jocko Maggiacomo is an American racing driver. He was born on November 30, 1947 (73 years old) in Poughkeepsie, New York. Chauncey T. Maggiacomo Jr. (born November 30, 1947) known as "Jocko" or, in high school, as "Chant," is a racing car driver from Poughkeepsie, New York. He is infamous for T-boning Bobby Allison, all but ending both careers. His father Chauncey T. Maggiacomo (also nicknamed Jocko) was a famous modified stock car racer in the northeast.

By the 1950s, modified stock cars had taken hold as the prevalent form of racing in the area, replacing the midgets as the featured division at Riverside Park Speedway. Drivers such as Ted Tappet, Benny Germano, Jocko Maggiacomo, Jerry Humiston, Ed Flemke and Buddy Krebs were the drivers to beat throughout the 1950s.


Jocko Maggiacomo (born 1947), NASCAR Winston Cup series driver; Jocko Marcellino (born 1950), American singer, musician, songwriter, producer, actor and one of the founders of the American rock and roll group Sha Na Na; Sherman Maxwell (1907–2008), African-American sportscaster and chronicler of Negro league baseball 1999-06-18 · Drivers such as Jocko Maggiacomo, Ed Flemke Sr., Ted Tappet and Benny Germano made their names running races at Riverside. The track was expanded to a quarter-mile in the early 1970s, Chauncey T. Maggiacomo Jr. (narozen 30. listopadu 1947) známý jako „Jocko“ nebo na střední škole jako „Chant“ je řidič závodního automobilu z Poughkeepsie v New Yorku. On je nechvalně známý pro T-boning Bobby Allison, všichni ale končí obě kariéry. The #63 Chevy of Jocko Maggiacomo. Jocko was a fairly local driver from Poughkeepsie who usually tried to make the field at Pocono, Dover and Watkins Glen. Jocko finished 35th in the 1983 Van Scoy 500.