Strings in JavaScript are primitive data types and immutable, which means they are unchanging. As strings are the way we display and work with text, and text is our main way of communicating and understanding through computers, strings are one of the most fundamental concepts of programming to be familiar with.


2018-05-01 · JavaScript offers many ways to check if a string contains a substring. Learn the canonical way, and also find out all the options you have, using plain JavaScript. Published May 01, 2018, Last Updated May 30, 2019

It starts at the specified index and extends for a given number of characters. 2021-01-07 This JavaScript tutorial explains how to use the string method called substr() with syntax and examples. In JavaScript, substr() is a string method that is used to extract a substring from a string, given a start position and a length. 2011-03-28 2014-11-28 How to find a substring within a string in javascript is a frequent and common problem that we get often.

Javascript substring

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